Relocating with Furry Family Members

September 15, 2022

Pet relocation services - Moving with DogOur beloved pets are our family members! For many seniors moving to a smaller place, letting go of a cat or dog is just as traumatizing as losing a loved one. Fortunately, our modern progressive age recognizes the many health benefits derived from pet ownership. There are many more options to help keep furry companions and pet relocation services to accommodate their needs.

Pets boost our mental and physical well-being in many ways. Isolation, loneliness, and depression are potential troubling scenarios for many who live alone. Nothing beats the warm close relationship of a trusted pet to ward off those risks. They give us unconditional love; lift our spirits; decrease stress; and lower blood pressure.

Our active, furry little wonders need us, and that gives us a big reason to get out of bed in the morning. They keep us busy taking them on walks. In the process, we get plenty of exercise and a renewed sense of purpose. For these reasons and more, it is important keep our little buddies when we relocate.

Planning for your pet

When downsizing with pets, the age-old adage applies perfectly: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” All that is required is a heavy dose of creativity. Strategies include choosing a ground floor condominium or suite so you can let the dog out of the sliding glass door when they need to go outside. Unfortunately, many pets tend to wander when they go outside and do not always come back when called.

One senior woman came up with an ingenious solution: treat her cat like a human child. She taught the feline to ride in a kid’s stroller (Katie Munoz, 2016, Retirement Downsizing, USA). The cat loved the outings so much that he jumped into the stroller every time she brought it out of the closet. After zipping up the mosquito netting to secure him in the seat, the senior and her cat enjoyed strolls through parks, along sidewalks, and shopping trips together. What fun!

Pets in BC

Here in British Columbia, our Residential Tenancy Act permits pets in apartment buildings if the tenant has a doctor’s note verifying that there is a legitimate medical need for the relocation services - moving with cat

Plan for move day so your pet has as calm and controlled a day as possible. Change is hard on them too, and the last thing you need is to be frantically chasing after your pet while the moving crew are working.

With many resources available in our communities, we shouldn’t have to leave our best friend behind when we relocate to another home.

When you call us for a free estimate, be sure to let us know about your furry family members so we can include them in the planning process.

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