Moving a Senior From Vancouver to Victoria

Mary K - Moving a Senior from Vancouver to Victoria with On the Move Seniors

November 20, 2022

Mary K was situated in a very nice care home in Vancouver. The only problem was her family is scattered everywhere. Her two grand daughters decided to move Mary K, their 94 year-old grandmother, from Vancouver to Victoria into the prestigious Amica Gorge, so they would be able to visit her more frequently. Moving a senior from Vancouver to Victoria is an ambitious plan. Since she was on a wait list in Victoria, we decided to pay her a visit in Vancouver, to see if we could be of service.

We fell in love with Mary immediately.

Mary is 94 years young and full of life! She has a fascinating story which she published her own hardcover book of her life. Her possessions included lovely art pieces which she still regularly creates.

She is survived two loving husbands, as her first love passed at a young age, and her second one was equally loving until he passed just a few years ago, leaving Mary on her own.

Mary has mobility issues, and she needed her electric wheelchair to get around.

She was very apprehensive and fearful of the leaving behind her many friends and the staff in Vancouver. We reassured her that it was the right thing to do, especially because of her two loving granddaughters who wanted to be close to her.

Moving Day

Mary’s wait list time was several months, and she called regularly to make sure that we would still move her. When that time finally came, we went to Vancouver Easter weekend and started packing, eliminating furniture, and getting the suite ready for our crew. There was a lot of direction from Mary. She studied every item, every piece of paper, every memory in every form. We spent two full days packing her belongings, hearing her life story, even reading her book, which was excellent.

Her granddaughter arrived on moving day and transported the “precious cargo” while we focused on her art and furnishings.

Her granddaughter booked a hotel for her to land at and proceeded to keep her occupied while we relocated her precious items.

Unpacking Mary was a whole new experience! We set up all her precious works in her brand-new space which took a few days to arrange and display meticulously to her very precise eye. Mary’s art is crafted from nature; stones, seaweed and driftwood all patterned into unique pieces of art.

We now get to frequently see Mary every time we work in Amica. She is a special senior with a goal to beat 100 years of age. We think that is a fantastic goal!

Contact us if you or your beloved senior needs help relocating.


“We can’t tell you how much we appreciate you guys! It takes special person to work with seniors! And yes, she does really love her things and she has been boasting about how much she loves her suite and the way you helped set it all up. Thanks for everything!”
Stephanie K.

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